Security Guard Services: See Why You Need Them In Your Business Premises


Every business, whether big or small, is susceptible to security threats. Usually, a single successful security breach can lead to massive losses. And because security threats in business premises are rampant, most business owners hire security guards to watch over their businesses. But even as you look for security guards to man your company or premises, ensure you that you hire those with proper training. Hiring untrained guards might not be an expensive process, but it will cost you later.

11 October 2021

4 Main Reasons Why You Should Hire Business Security Officers


Private security officers have become increasingly popular in the United States in recent years. As a business owner, the safety and security of your employees and business premises should always be a priority. Thus, you should consider hiring business security officers. Private security officers play an essential role in supplementing law enforcement agencies. Tragedy can strike at any time. So, you should hire reliable security guards to secure your property, employees, and customers.

30 July 2021

Why It's Smart to Install GPS Vehicle Trackers in the Vehicles That You Sell


If you run a car dealership, then you might have decided to offer on-the-lot financing for your customers. Basically, this means that you might finance vehicles for your customers instead of getting a bank involved. If this is something that you already do, or if it's a service that you are planning on offering sometime soon, then you should consider investing in GPS vehicle trackers that can be installed in all of the vehicles that you sell in this manner.

27 May 2021

Beyond The Patrol — 5 Other Services Security Guards Provide


When a company hires a security guard or service, they know that they will receive a visible security presence that will help deter crime and conflict. But what else do you get when you have a security officer on your site? Here are a few less obvious, but similarly important, ways a security guard serves the company.  1. Managing Different Emergencies Security staff are trained to assist or even take charge in a variety of emergency situations.

19 March 2021

Business In An Area That Is Getting A Lot Of Crime? Why You Should Hire Security Guard Services


If the crime rate is going up in the area your business is in, you need to take action. One thing you can do is hire security guard services. Below are three reasons why this would be a good idea for you. Monitor Your Building A security guard services company can install security cameras in your building. The security guard will then sit in front of the cameras to monitor what is going on inside and outside your building.

2 December 2020

Benefits Of Carrying Zip Ties In Addition To Your Handcuffs


Even unarmed security guards will customarily carry one or two pairs of handcuffs so that they can detain suspects if necessary. A suspect detained with handcuffs will be easier for you to control as you wait for the police to arrive. As a security guard, you should always be thinking about additional means that you can use to subdue suspects, and carrying a few zip ties is a good idea. Keeping some zip ties on your security belt while you're on patrol gives you a different tool for detaining those who may be combative or attempting to flee.

9 April 2018

Three Reasons You Need Security Guards In Your Office


If you run a high-end business, keeping it secure is extremely important. However, not many high-end businesses realize the benefits of hiring security guards to be present in their building. All too often, these businesses will rely solely on the use of security cameras and alarms. Here are three reasons you need to do more than this by hiring security guards today: Employees Do Steal: No matter how extensive the background check is for the employees you hire and how much you trust your employees, there are still instances where the most honest, hard-working employees steal from their employers.

30 May 2017