Improving Business Security

After our company headquarters was robbed for the fifth time, I decided we needed to do a little better at bolstering security. Instead of relying on a few measly cameras and a security guard that was distracted most of the time, we installed a state-of-the-art security system and focused on eliminating inherent security threats. It took a lot of work, but after a few weeks we could tell that our efforts were really helping. We were able to thwart a potential robbery, which made me feel better about the investment. Check out this blog for more ideas on improving your business security.

Why You Need Live Security Systems After Business Hours


According to statistics from the FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR), there are millions of theft-related crimes that take place in the U.S. each year. Although data show that such crimes are declining, they still remain a big issue in the retail industry. This is because the products that are stolen easily amount to millions of dollars in losses for retailers. What's even more important to note is the fact that these crimes occur despite the prevalent use of security systems in malls during business hours. Here's why you also need live security systems after business hours. 

Common security measures applied in commercial malls

If you're a retailer, then you certainly know about the common security measures that are being applied in commercial malls, such as:

  • Private mall officers
  • Video recording systems
  • Security guards

In general, private mall officers spend the day covering the entire area of the mall to spot any suspicious activity. Their presence is designed to deter any individual who plans on stealing from the mall's customers or stores. While these common security measures are usually effective during regular business hours, they tend to be used very sparingly at night, which brings the following question: how do retailers intend to effectively prevent theft-related crimes when no one is monitoring their store? 24/7 security systems are the solution.

Why you must use 24/7 security systems

Effective theft prevention measures are based on the ability to quickly alert law enforcement officers, so that they may dispatch a patrol at the scene, and catch the thieves. Even if authorities take time to respond, the video recordings will always be available to help put behind bars those who stole from you. There are many things that you need to take into account when it comes to the type of security systems that are appropriate for your store, such as:

  • Is the mall located in an area that is prone to burglaries?
  • Can your store only be accessible when the mall's doors are open?

A recent study conducted by the District of Columbia Crime Policy Institute revealed that having a 24/7 monitoring system has a positive effect on theft-related activities. The study showed that from a cost-benefit viewpoint, using 24/7 monitoring systems gives access to an average expected net benefit of approximately $4,800.

As you might see, relying on security systems on a permanent basis will reduce the potential losses associated with theft-related crimes. So make the right decision today. Contact places like Star Protection Agency LLC for more information.


9 March 2015